How It Works


The Entritt Solutions platform is different from a typical software development scenario. It is especially designed for academic institutes’ admission needs and no additional software development is required. Compared to custom software development, moving to Entritt will be cost effective and time saving. Entritt acts as an interface between your institute and applicants. It provides a platform to publish, collect & manage admission forms. Institutes benefit by reducing cost. Applicants benefit by easy and flexible process.

Effective Management

Online admissions bring better control over process. The institutes cut down process time span, communicate via emails, gain deep insights / reports and forget about manual processing of applications. Take a look at all features and benefits. Sit back and let us take care all the technical details.

Effective Management

Application Process

Applying using Entritt Solutions is a four step process. Applicant signs in to Entritt and selects an application form. Next, he fills the application form, attaches photo, certificate or signature, verifies his application and finally fills-in payment details. Using Entritt, applicants can partially fill an application form and later come back again to complete their applications.

Entrittsolutions is an one stop solution which helps applicants in making course and college selection

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